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stress picture Tap Tap Tap your way to health and wellness now! Hiya sweetness, how are you feeling about now? Have the holidays got you a little stressed out? Are your relatives staying just a little too long? Have you gone off the rails with your indulging in, well, everything? Or are the bills from all your shopping sprees starting to come due? Whatever it is, whatever time of year it is, we live with an extraordinary amount of stress. It is the way of our lives nowadays. Many of us, additionally suffer from depression or anxiety, poor sleep, chronic diseases… We overwork ourselves, overindulge, don’t eat well, don’t move consistently and then wonder why we feel like crap. It is my job, beautiful, to give you holistic ways to try to improve your health and well-being. Starting with how you eat. This post, however, is not a lecture on eating right. Take a perusal through my older posts and you’ll see plenty of that. But suffice it to say for now, eating lots of whole, real foods and little processed food is great  start! Getting good sleep is key in reducing disease and stress. Exercise a little as often as you can. Take supplements as needed (see wellness tip in sidebar for an awesome supplement guide). Meditate, breathe…and Tap

So tapping has been around for thousands of years in eastern medicine. It is a form of acupressure, similar to acupuncture but minus the needles. This is perfect for those who would love to do acupuncture but the mere thought of needles sends your head immediately between your knees for deep breathing (Alas acupuncture is totally doable even if you don’t like needles, take it from me as I have recently tried it and I am no fan of receiving needles. Don’t mind giving them though). Tapping combines acupuncture with some psychology to lower cortisol levels. This process made a resurgence in the 1980s and is going strong today. It is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. Basically you tap into your bodies own healing energy by tapping on meridian points throughout your body. There are thousands of stories touting the success people have had tapping in alleviating their stress, depression, anxiety, pain… And bonus, no equipment or professionals needed and it’s FREE! Tapping can be done to alleviate a condition or used preventatively.

So what benefits are there to tapping? Tapping is said to increase circulation, promote relaxation and decrease stress. Tapping helps you sleep better, improves digestion and immunity. Tapping even helps you focus and can give you more energy. In fact, schools across America have turned to tapping in the classroom. See here for modules on teaching it to children.

The technique over time has been altered a bit but it’s basic principles remain. You tap certain points on the body while repeating a mantra that you fill in the blanks on.

In very basic terms here is that you do:

Tap using the index and middle fingers on either hand. You can switch hands at any point. Begin tapping the first point 5-10 times then move on to the next point and the next…until you have tapped your way through them all.  Here is the thing though – you have to do it while thinking specifically about what is bothering you using this sentence- even though I have ______- (insert your issue), I accept myself completely. Repeat this “mantra” over and over while you are tapping. Repeat tapping all the points a couple of times.

The points to tap are:

The top of the head in the middle

The side of the eye where the bone is.

The center of your collarbone – here you can use the palm of your hand

Between the eyebrows

Under the eye where the bone is

Under your arm – ladies where the top of your bra meets your armpit

Under the nose

Tap with enough force that you feel it but not so much that you hut yourself. Do not give yourself a black eye tapping!

Check out this video demonstrating the proper technique and wording.

So what do you think? Worth a try? I say YES! It is better than having to go an antidepressant and a sleeping pill and a tranquilizer… Now having said that, I am not going to say there is not a time or circumstance where these medications are not useful for short term, but let’s open our minds and hearts to things we have never seen before. There must be a reason things like tapping have been around forever. You never know what will work for you until you try.

Happy Tapping.

Stay tuned… next post is a guest post from an acupuncturist. I am so excited for you to read her story. Taking this healing thing a step further. Until then,

Peace and much Love,


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Relax, Breathe Deep and Tap



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