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*Sorry for the first email – it’s my first video upload and I am trying to figure it all out (:  Let’s try something different here.So for about eight months now, I have been making videos for Burnalong. Check out the banner at the top of my page. They are an extremely cool and innovative on line fitness platform. I do most of my workouts right in my basement on Burnalong. I particularly love MBS fitness labs and Monte and his crew and I love the Barre videos especially Beach Barre body. I make educational videos, holistic in nature, for their site.  I am sharing one of my first videos with you right now!

It’s all about late night snacking. What, you can’t eat at night after dinner right? Well, it is a good idea to refrain from eating after dinner. This is to give your body time to digest everything you ate from the day, your gut time to process everything and it’s a great reset in general. BUT…there are times, for whatever reason, that you are simply hungry. truly hungry and not bored hungry or upset hungry…because we have already gone in the kitchen and mindfully asked ourselves that very question. Am I truly hungry or am I bored, upset…

Nope I am truly hungry. What to do? Watch and see.

There that’s it – hope you enjoyed it. This is a big deal for me. If you know me you know I duck away from all picture taking much less having to make videos of myself. But I am passionate about getting you to your best self so I sacrifice.

Peace and Love,




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