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Hiya popsicles or is it just me freezing my tush off here in Maryland? Well freezing aside, have you ever had a health condition you couldn’t treat with modern medicine? Anything like depression, headaches, anxiety, pain, poor digestion…Do you want to stop taking so many pills for it? Yes? Then let’s go back 5,000 years. I’m on pins and needles here, how about you?

What am I speaking of you wonder? Acupuncture of course.

Last post I spoke about tapping, a needless form of acupressure used to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety… But take it a step further and get on the acupuncture train. Acupuncture is making a resurgence as folks seek out alternative, holistic healing methods. If the thought of being stuck with a bunch of needles is not appealing I hear ya. But I have tried it and it doesn’t hurt I promise. In fact I found myself quite relaxed and almost asleep. Since I am not an expert in this field I am turning my blog over today to an expert. The gals at Cloud 9 Acupuncture. They did me the first time and I am on board! So with out further ado, Kelly from Cloud 9 take it away…

Hi there, I am Kelly an acupuncturist from Cloud 9 Acupuncture in Timonium Maryland. I am excited to be here to share with you the basics of acupuncture and my story. Ready?

acupunctureAcupuncture is thought to have originated in China possibly as early as 6000BCE. The theory behind Acupuncture is that there are twelve main meridians or pathways going throughout the body. These meridians are all interconnected and each has several points that are used to connect to the Qi or energy within the body. By using these points, Acupuncturists are able to help balance the body and clear symptoms. Some common results from acupuncture are a reduction in pain, improved sleep, less stress, less muscle tension, and improved digestion.

I know how well Acupuncture can work through my own personal experience and by treating patients over the last few years. My own story with Acupuncture started when I was in my early 20’s. I was in my undergrad, and struggling with back pain, IBS, anxiety and depression. I was on a few different prescription medications and taking over the counter pain medicine. However, I knew this was only allowing me to mask the problems and wasn’t helping me get to the underlying cause. This led me to look for alternatives, and I started to research my options. The first result that came up was “Acupuncture.” I had heard of Acupuncture before, but I didn’t know much about it other than getting poked with needles. I was also a bit skeptical and wasn’t sure how it could possibly work, but I knew that I wanted a change and was ready to give alternative therapies a try.

As it turned out there was an acupuncturist only a few minutes away from my house and I made the appointment (bonus was that they took my insurance!). I ended up going to weekly acupuncture appointments and within 6 treatments my back pain was gone. I was also seeing a big improvement in my digestive system and with the help of my primary care doctor was starting to reduce the dosage for my anxiety and depression medication. Over the next few months I got off all of my medications and I was doing really well. I was shocked and amazed that Acupuncture worked, and very grateful that it had worked. In fact, I was so grateful and amazed with Acupuncture that I decided that this was what I wanted to be able to do for other people. I completed my undergrad degree and went on to get my Master’s degree in Acupuncture. I love being able to do this job and to help people feel better and live in their full potential.

-Kelly Ferguson, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Acupuncturist at Cloud 9 Acupuncture

22 W. Padonia Road, Suite B-324

Timonium, MD 21093

Check us out!


Many thanks Kelly! Such a great story.And I am a sucker for happy endings. If you live local be sure to check out their place. So see folks, add in some acupuncture along with some lifestyle and food modifications and your wellness has no limits. And did you see the part where many insurances now cover acupuncture? Wahoo! Are you ready to be on pins and needles? Let me know your experience with acupuncture if you have tried or your experience when you do try it.

Total aside here but if you have not checked out my feed on Instagram head on over there and check it out. You can get there at the bottom right of this page. Inspirational, food, dogs, chickens , garden, beach life…

Ok beautiful, lastly  – the holidays are over but the New Year is in full swing. I love this time of year, frigid weather outside aside, because everyone is so full of renewed energy in themselves and what they are going to accomplish this year. Can you feel it? But sadly as January wanes and February sets in, the resolutions start to fade in to the background. Life sneaks back in and people put there goals on the back burner. DON’T DO THAT! Make every day, every month about you and your goals. Tweak them if necessary, make them smaller and attainable but do not throw them to the side like the ugly sweater grandma got you for christmas. You are too special and too important for that. More to come next week as I send out my first newsletter of the new year. Stay tuned…


Until then ,

Peace and Love (and a little bit warmer temps)



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