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Hi Crazed Holiday Shopper! Are you sweating over your keyboard yet in virtual shopping overload? Or are you hitting the pavement, dashing in and out of small local shops? I try to do a bit of both. I prefer the local ma and pa shops but sometimes I need the online experience for my sanity. It always amazes me how quickly the season sneaks up and bites me on the butt. And I am fairly on the ball and organized. So I can imagine how those less so must feel starting….right about now.

Not to worry though, Mermaid Wellness has put together a list of goodies for you to make your holiday shopping a little easier.  Whether you need to get good stuff for folks or you see something you want, this list has an eclectic mix of surprises. Many of these gifts serve a dual purpose. Not only is the gift super cool but it either supports a great cause or is good for the earth and the environment.. You can knock out your list whilst being a great person and filling yourself up with the spirit of the season.  Then again, some items are just really cool. So without further ado:

Breville Blenders. A blender, seriously, you say? Yes! All great kitchens need a great blender to make great smoothies, acai bowls… Your wellness starts in the kitchen and you can’t make all the healthiest stuff without proper equipment. I have tried many a blender and this one does it.

Just think of all the cool stuff you can make. And this one promises “QUIET”. Not like my others where when my family sees them come out, they run and take cover. They literally sound like planes taking off.




Canvas Tote

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tote



The next gift is seriously so cool. We need to start using less plastic right? Yes, right. All those plastic shopping bags you get at the grocery store and Target and well just about everywhere you shop are so non environmentally friendly so why not use really hip canvas cotton reusable bags? Check out these bags at They are 100% cotton and are designed with really neat book covers, many not printed anymore. So cool right?





The next nifty gift is near and dear to me. I am always going on about gratitude and how writing down three good things every day totally changed my life from glass half empty to glass full. If you are scratching your head here check out my newsletter from November. What you didn’t get it, tell me so and I will get it to you. Anyway, this little notebook is so cool, compact and not expensive.


So you want to do right by your skin and the environment and all that jazz right? Start with what you put IN your body then move on to what you put ON your body. So many products out there today are pretty toxic. Filled with nasty chemicals and preservatives… Have you ever read the ingredient label on your beauty products? It’s a wonder body parts don’t start falling off. Ok maybe a little dramatic but you get my point. Be a little kinder and gentler to yourself and your loved ones and try using Mad Hippie beauty products. They use all natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and they donate a portion of their proceeds to Wildlife Conservation. Yes! I use their stuff everyday and love it and feel good about using it.

Next up – saving the farm animals of course! Do your kids want goats or pigs but your neighbors would have a cow? Here is the next best thing. Sponsor an animal at Woodstock Sanctuary. Located in New York, they rescue farmed animals living in bad situations and give them a home to roam and play and live out their lives in freedom and peace. This is not free, it costs a lot to pull this off. So help the sanctuary out, learn a thing or two about farmed animals, and sponsor an animal for your little farmer. Everyone wins here!

Similarly, every year at Christmas the kids and maybe the significant other start proclaiming you need a pet, or another one or a third… Well this year, sponsor a rescued dog or cat at North Shore Animal League. You can of course adopt some of them too but many have special needs and are not really adoptable. But they need tons of care to live out their lives peacefully and pain free.  How great would you all feel knowing you are doing something to help the neglected and forsaken pets in our country, and ones with special need at that. I am teary just typing this. I would tell you about our precious sponsor but shhhhh it’s a surprise for Xmas. Oh and did I mention, many new additions are from Puerto Rico and Texas AND they are NO KILL.

Ok dry your eyes and let’s move on. This is one of my favorites. How about a really cool bracelet made from recycled trash taken out of the ocean? I am not kidding these bracelets rock. Plus your purchase to 4Ocean for a bracelet goes toward the cleaning of our oceans. One bracelet, one pound of trash. These amazing folks have pulled millions of tons of trash (mostly plastic) out of the ocean. This small gesture can have a huge impact for our aquatic friends.

How about the gift of fitness? Go to the top of my page and you will see a promotion for joining a Mermaid Class online. Do it!! Not only do you get to see me doing my thang on Burnalong, you can choose from hundreds of online exercise videos from instructors all around the country. Everything from Barre (my obsession), yoga, pilates, cardio, HIT, cardio, cycle, weights..Check out Monte! .You can stream from the comfort of your home in your not so perfectly put together workout gear and get this – you can invite a friend along to join you- FROM THER OWN HOUSE. So cool. Oh and did I mention you can go to the education section and see moi? The first month is free and then its really reasonable after that like $10/month or less – if you use my code at the top of this page. This is the perfect gift for the spouse or family member who always complains they don’t have time to get to the gym, as they are stuffing their mouths.

How about some really adorable clothes? We all want that new coveted tee that is going to walk itself into the laundry from our over wearing. The gals at Om and Ah have just such clothes. 

“Om & Ah London works only with Ethically sourced Clothing, we decided from the outset that this is the only way we could work, the only way we want to work.

It is our objective to make sure that all of our suppliers and manufacturers offer exceptionally high standards of ethical and ecological production. We are proud that the manufacturers that supply us have been independently certified.”  Did I mention the clothes were really cute!!


Love your Melon hat

Ok last one, the cutest hats ever and for great a cause. Love your Melon has done an amazing job of fighting against pediatric cancer. A portion of their proceeds go to just this. And to date they have contributed over a million dollars to the cause. It really helps that the hats are awesome too. Not only are you contributing to a disease no child or family should ever have to go through, someone you love gets an awesome hat!




OK there ya go. Now all gifts don’t have to support a cause of course, but one gift here and there will make someone feel so good. And isn’t this holiday season all about the spirit of giving and receiving joy in helping others? And Cookies. Don’t forget the Christmas Cookies.  It is really about the cookies. Have the most joyous holiday ever. Peace and Love,


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