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Do you frequently stick your head in the freezer? Ahhh that time of life hey beautiful? Even if it’s not, you gotta read on…All us gals have gotten there, are there or will get there eventually. “THE CHANGE” they call it. I call it a pain in the ass. Things you did to keep yourself healthy and in good shape just don’t seem to work anymore. You have eaten 3 lettuce leaves today and still the belly expands. The hot flashes have led your partner to dress like its Siberia cuz you have cranked the AC or opened every window and put every fan on in the  middle of December! You walk into a room a forget why the hell you went in there. Sleep is the reward at the end of a looooong day, yet once you get there it eludes you – so not fair. You get it right? Well there is hope. And natural hope, not pharmaceutical help. This guide will go through the hormones that are wrecking havoc on our bodies and minds as our bodies prepare for the next phase of life.

While this guide is sponsored by the makers of a particular MACA supplement line, I can not say go buy it as I have not tried it. Though I will say I am a huge fan of MACA powder in general. It promotes energy, stamina, lessens anxiety and increases libido.  It has a nutty flavor to it. Additionally I would suggest some adaptogenic herbs such as Holy Basil, Ashwaganda and Siberian Ginseng. These herbs are known to reduce stress and anxiety Thereby helping to balance hormones indirectly.

See guys (if you have read this far), this is good stuff for you too! More importantly I wanted you to see how balancing hormones is key to not only controlling your menopausal and perimenopasual symptoms but also how these steps can help anyone in everyday life. It is the stuff I speak about incessantly. Repeat with me – eat good food, move a little every day, manage your stress and get good sleep.

Now read on and everything above in purple or blue CLICK ON! Ok you marvelous warriors, now you are armed and dangerous. Go kick some hormone ass.

E-Guide to menopuse naturally Brought to you by New Hope Network, Delicious living and Femmenessence.


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