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 Hi y’all, are you kitchen ready ?  Does your kitchen have the basics it needs to help you be your best-est, healthiest, awesomest you?  I like to think of it as the Holistic Kitchen. I want to share with you my list of the basic kitchen necessities for a happy, healthy you and yours. There Read More

    The Dirty on Eating Clean. Eating “clean” is all the buzz nowadays. Actually eating clean started waaaayyy back in the 1960s as a moral and ethical movement, not necessarily a health and nutrition movement. Personally, I find the whole “clean” eating terminology a little pretentious. But I do love its principles. I want to Read More

Super sexy salad? Whaaat? Has she lost it completely? Well no but sexy got you reading this far. Actually, yes, it is sexy.  I assure you this “salad” is crazy good. I am not really sure it is even a salad but when I mix lots of stuff together on a plate I call it Read More

Nutrition Boosters and an excellent e-guide! This cool tidbit of info as well as the attached e-guide are brought to you this week by Delicious Living and their sponsor. Mermaid Wellness is brewing up a really cool post for next week. Until then enjoy the following! Be sure you popped the popcorn using organic popcorn kernels– putting Read More

Fat is back in a good way! Thanks to new and emerging research, we now know that eating healthy fat doesn’t necessarily lead to weight gain. Although fat is caloric (it contains 9 calories per gram, more than double that of proteins and carbohydrates), this macronutrient boosts your satiety—meaning you stay fuller for longer.

Celebrate Earth day by planting pollinator friendly plants. Hopefully everyone has started their garden plantings.! Turn your garden into a haven for pollinators, and you’ll soon reap the benefits. Native plants are most attractive to bees, butterflies and birds, but these multiregional varieties are a great place to start. Don’t forget, without pollinators, many plants can Read More

   What is the People and Plant connection and how do you use plants in your everyday life? From DL: In our environment, plants help to mitigate pollutants from air, soil and water. They help clothe us, feed us and nurture us. They beautify the world around us, and they even make us and Read More

DIY Summer Essentials:   Spring is almost here and Summer is right around the corner. So now is a good time to gather your ingredients for some DIY summer essentials. All Natural Insect Repellant:          To make 8 ounces – In a dark, glass bottle use ½ distilled water and half witch Read More

From Delicious Living and Lisa Truesdale. It’s a concept that’s more than a little confusing: Food companies and farms that choose to grow and sell organic products and label them as such must take rigorous and expensive steps to get certified. Only then can they display the prestigious USDA Organic seal on their food, and Read More