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Water the best detox – Image partially courtesy of Delicious Living

To detox or not to detox, that is the question. And I get it often. The answer is NO! and YES! Don’t you love ambiguous answers? No, I am not going to do that to you. Really you should detox and cleanse your body just not in any extreme ways.And I mean even the no food just juice for a week or don’t eat for a week ways. Actors often go through extreme cleanses and detoxes to get ready for a role. In 2006 Beyonce only drank lemonade for 10 days to lose 20 pounds (1). Does this sound like a good idea? No, of course not. In fact I recall she got pretty sick doing that. Now she had a team of people tending to her so they could get her up and running in no time. Experts agree that trying to rid your body of toxins in just a few weeks with extreme methods, like enemas or colonics or only lemon water, is not really a good idea. 

Detoxes and cleanses cause diarrhea, fatigue (especially if on a fast), flu like symptoms and vitamin and mineral deficiencies (if do often or for a long time), dehydration…The stress you put your body under during this process leads to inflammation which as we know from some of my other posts wreaks havoc on the body.


BUT I totally get wanting to rid your body of the toxins you have built up over time, I do. What to do then? Well first off, your body does a fine job detoxing (barring any liver or kidney disease) all on its own. I have said this before, your body is an amazing machine! It is capable of healing you if you give it a chance. So give it a chance. When we consume the proper nutrients, our bodies have what they need to properly detox. The liver and kidneys were specifically designed for just this job! The skin, lymphatic and digestive systems also are quite good at eliminating toxins and thus helping this whole detox process along.

So the question is not really should we detox rather it is how do we do it in a mindful, healthy way everyday so our bodies can do their jobs? Firstly, eat better! Stop eating processed foods, added sugar and artificial sweeteners that clog our systems up and slow us down. They make us feel sluggish, fatigued and cause brain fog. you didn’t even have to do anything here – you just have to NOT do something – we can all do NOT do something right?  Eat whole, clean foods.Secondly, we can buy organic whenever possible, especially the soft fleshy fruits, and wash our produce thoroughly. This helps get rid of some of the pesticides sprayed on them. Pesticides are so toxic – I mean they kill things right? They are toxic to us as well as hormone disruptors! Keeping along these natural lines, try to use as many natural cleaners and household products and beauty products as possible. These products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. No wonder our bodies get all junked up. Since your skin is such a large organ and subjected to so much toxic stuff, give it a rest here and there. Just let it be! Get plenty of good sleep, easier said than done I know but really aim for 6-8 hours a night. Snack healthy (check my video out on I talk about healthy snacking – if you want to join the platform use my code MW17A to subscribe for only $5/month for a whole year). Exercise daily, even if you have limited time (again, a really cool exercise platform). Go for a walk, do some gardening just move. Don’t skip meals, this actually slows down your metabolism, you end up eating junk because you are starving and the you fill your body with ookiness. yes that is a word.

mermaid stuff

See? Mermaid All Natural Products!

But what can I eat and drink and wear and Oh my! You know what’s coming first don’t you? DRINK WATER!!!! All day. Yes you will have to get up and pee in the middle of the night – so what – this is your body doing it’s job. You should aim to drink half your body weight every day! In OUNCES, I scared you there didn’t I? You were like, DRINK 60 pounds of water a day? I’ll drown. Gotcha! If you weigh 120 pounds, drink 60 ounces daily or roughly 7 glasses a day. If you get bored with water check out this article on 50 ways to do detox water, I am sending you to a competitor here so just make sure you come back.

Here are some other great detox tips:

-Drink hot lemon water (or cold  if you refuse to do it hot) every morning- add a dash of cayenne to it

-Add milk thistle, a well known herb for detoxifying the body and especially the liver. Milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can take it as a supplement or as a tea.

Drink cold pressed juice. I love cold pressed juice but it is pricey so drink wisely. Plus you can get at least one serving if not more of your daily veggies in just 1 small bottle.

-Apple cider vinegar is infamously known as a detoxifier, you out there know what I am mean from your younger days. It is a great detoxifier! I personally can  not stomach it to drink it but if you can go for it – just not too much, too often.

-Green Tea – all day long. The benefits of green tea in so many areas of health(think antioxidant to start) are too numerous in this already long post, but trust me when I say Drink It!


Bowl of Digestive goodness

-Wild blueberries. Eat lots of them alot. They are great detoxifiers and anti-inflammatory and anti oxidative. Plus they taste great.

Lastly and this one is going out there a bit – Bentonite clay

Yup clay and I mean internally. Bentonite clay is made from volcanic ash. It helps the body rid of ingested toxins i.e. fumes, pesticides, heavy metals, cleaning supplies, low quality water. It is good for inflammation and immunity. It can be used on the skin as a mask (1 teaspoon clay mixed with 1 teaspoon water and maybe a couple of drops of lavender essential oil), use in your bath and yes drink it! Mix 1 tablespoon clay in 8 ounces of water and drink daily. the mixture should be odorless and colorless.

Still with me ? Good, thank You. Please share any reasonable ways you detox on a daily basis.

Please treat your body well every day, follow these simple guidelines and you will not need any crazy, potentially harmful, detoxes or cleanses.

Happy Cleansing.


Take a deep breath in and out and relax your shoulders and enjoy this picture!










1- Beyonce fact from Delicious Living 3 Detox Facts

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