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  A healthier you Challenge hmmmm. What do I mean? Well, are you tired of being tired? Carrying around some extra weight? Men it is time to deliver that baby already! Feeling fatigued and worn down a lot of the time? Then maybe it is time you take the challenge. 

What is your life expectancy? Find out in here in this post. I recently had the privilege of hearing Dan Buettner speak about the Blue Zones and life expectancy. Dan is the best selling author of “The Blue Zones” and a founder of The Blue Zone Project. What is a Blue Zone? It is a Read More

Why is DIET a four letter word? We have all tried to diet. Most of us many times. Often, a “diet” will jump start us and we lose weight and it will be successful. But almost just as often, we rebound and put the weight back on, Then we go another diet, or go back Read More