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Dang those Cravings: Why do you get them and how the heck do you curb them? 🍦🍰🍟 Before you reach for that bag of chips or pint of chunky monkey, ask your self: What am I doing? Why am I getting ready to destroy this helpless bag of food? There are a quite few reasons Read More

  A healthier you Challenge hmmmm. What do I mean? Well, are you tired of being tired? Carrying around some extra weight? Men it is time to deliver that baby already! Feeling fatigued and worn down a lot of the time? Then maybe it is time you take the challenge. 

Sugar Decoded We all know Added sugar is not good for us by now. Yet the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of it every day. That equates to 130 pounds of sugar per person per year. The American Heart association generously gives us 6-9 teaspoonfuls per day (depending on if you are a man or woman) Read More