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Hey there awesome you! Let’s go from OMG to OM shall we? A ways ago I did a post called “Stress, Disease and Bears oh my”. If you are new to me please go back and check it out. It discusses the cortisol reaction of stress and what stress does to our bodies over time. Read More

I call them energy muggers and they steal your energy, leaving you fatigued and unmotivated. So energy muggers, what is stealing your energy and how to get it back? There are things in life that totally suck your energy right away from you. The good news is these things can be dealt with and  you Read More

STRESS, Disease and bears oh my! We all have stress, all the time. We all know stress is bad for you. But how bad for you is it really? Well, we now know chronic stress can lead to a variety of ailments and chronic diseases. Stress can compromise your gut integrity. Once the gut is Read More

Your Journey to Wellness starts with you! As you embark on your personal journey to wellness, it would seem a good time to discuss what exactly is wellness. In its simplest definition, wellness is a state of good physical and mental health. The absence of disease or sickness is just a part of wellness. The lifestyle Read More