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tomato salad

Super Sexy Salad

Super sexy salad? Whaaat? Has she lost it completely? Well no but sexy got you reading this far. Actually, yes, it is sexy.  I assure you this “salad” is crazy good. I am not really sure it is even a salad but when I mix lots of stuff together on a plate I call it a salad. Please comment if you think of a really cool name though super sexy salad will be hard to beat. I was really more concerned with getting this recipe to you because it is ridiculously delicious, easy and completely packed with goodness. It has chickpeas (yum) so you are getting lots of fiber, protein and iron. It has tomato which gives you , are you ready ? — Vit. A, Vits B1 B3 B5 B6 B7, Vit K, Vit C., folate, iron, potassium, magnesium zinc, lycopene, flavonones all of which: reduce heart disease, protect against prostate and breast cancer, improves digestion , prevents constipation, improves hair, skin, and bone health, is an immunity booster, and protects your vision. Phew, forget the “salad” lets just eat tomatoes. Anyway  my sexy salad contains zucchini which provides you many minerals and vitamins, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.  Don’t forget the blueberries, I talk about their greatness all this time.This plate also has nutritional yeast, which I have recently been playing with. This provides you with: potassium,, fiber, protein, Vitamins: thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine and B12 (basically most of your B vitamins) folate, zinc, Verdict? I love it! It has a nutty taste and is great on just about everything even popcorn, soups and stews. There are gluten free versions too so this meal can be gluten free. In fact this meal can be vegan, gluten free, grain free and dairy free.

Ok so what is the recipe already? Here ya go:


!/2- 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed

1 medium zuccini cut into small chunks

1 medium-large ripe organic tomato (I really try to buy organic tomatoes at least due to pesticides on their soft fleshy skin) cut into small chunks

1 ear of corn, freshly shucked and cut off the cob

handful of blueberries – yup they are going in

avocado oil to lightly coat frying pan

garlic sea salt


2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast

2-3 basil leaves

Sea salt – optional pinch for the end


Heat up avocado oil in frying pan, use medium heat

Place chickpeas, zucchini and some garlic sea salt and pepper in pan and saute for about 8- 10 minutes or until zucchini just gets soft Add nutritional yeast and toss to coat for a  minute. Also add the de-cobbed (is that a word) corn to the fry pan and cook an additional 2-3 minutes

tomatoes are so good

Tomatoes- Superfood

While sauteeing ,place chunks of tomato on plate in an outline – so you can dump the sautéed portion in the middle. If you don’t care about aesthetics then just dump.

Let sautéed mix cool for just a minute then place in middle of your plate.

Top with shaved parmesan (optional ), blueberries and basil. Add a touch of sea salt if you desire.

Prepare your taste buds! Nom Nom Nom

This could be great side or a complete meal. Enjoy! Please let me know if you make it and what you thought and anything you did differently.

I say it all the time, especially on instagram (feed is on bottom of page here) that you should strive to eat the rainbow. This way you are sure to be getting a full range of vitamins, minerals, micronutrient… The more colorful the more nutrients you are getting.


TOTAL ASIDE: Here I am wearing one of my favorite tees – thanks Em!

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Seaweed is smokable?

4 thoughts on “Super Sexy Salad

  1. Emily says:

    You wear it well!

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks Em!

  2. Kris says:

    Where can one get nutritional yeast?????

    1. Melissa says:

      Mom’s Organic market – I saw it at safeway yesterday – amazon

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