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Hi Beautiful bookworm! Want to know my number one way to de-stress? I’ll give you a hint: it has a front and back and lots of pages in between. 

Hi beautiful, today’s post is all about fiber and poop and guts… One of my favorite topics. I often speak about eating well to improve health (I think I always speak of it, are you sick of hearing it yet) and today’s post, 6 Ways to Eat More Fiber:Soul Hugger Style is not any different. Read More

*Sorry for the first email – it’s my first video upload and I am trying to figure it all out (:  Let’s try something different here.So for about eight months now, I have been making videos for Burnalong. Check out the banner at the top of my page. They are an extremely cool and innovative Read More

Hiya popsicles or is it just me freezing my tush off here in Maryland? Well freezing aside, have you ever had a health condition you couldn’t treat with modern medicine? Anything like depression, headaches, anxiety, pain, poor digestion…Do you want to stop taking so many pills for it? Yes? Then let’s go back 5,000 years. Read More

Tap Tap Tap your way to health and wellness now! Hiya sweetness, how are you feeling about now? Have the holidays got you a little stressed out? Are your relatives staying just a little too long? Have you gone off the rails with your indulging in, well, everything? Or are the bills from all your Read More

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming. Faster than you can pull out the ugly holiday sweaters, decorate your house and start the eating and drinking frenzy, sure enough it’s that time of year. Which, by the way, beautiful, I LOVE! But this time of year brings many ofus stress about all that food. Read More

Ho Ho Ho GOD the holidays can not be right around the corner. (If this sounds familiar it is a little, from the newsletter, but keep reading ). It’s just not possible. Well beautiful, they sure are and lest we forget it the holiday themed commercials are already blasting away at us. The stores are Read More