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One of the most common ailments I get asked to make an essential oil blend for is headaches. Everyone gets them and some get them severely. Migraines can be completely debilitating for the poor sufferers. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an alternative to help you through them instead of running for ibuprofen or acetaminophen? Read More

Fall is upon us. While fall is one of the best times of year, the weather can change dramatically from morning into night. The perfect time to get a cough and cold. A simple essential oil cough and cold blendy is super handy to have in your home. Let’s review, essential oils are potent plant extracts Read More

Essential oils (EO) have been around for thousands of years as have many an essential oil blend. There is a reason for that. They work! Essential oils are liquids that are extracted from plants either by distillation ro cold pressing. The bark, root, flower, seed, fruit… are all used in making essential oils. But basically, Read More