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As a pharmacist for 20 years and a new holistic health practitioner, I can’t wait to give you all some new ways of looking at your health and wellness. I will share food recipes, garden and chicken tips, pharmacy/drug information, DIY home recipes and essential oil remedies. You can visit my health coach tab to schedule one on one time for your personalized program to your health and wellness. I will guide you on your own journey to achieve your wellness goals. If you have chronic disease, are approaching or in menopause, struggling with an autoimmune disorder, or simply want to lose weight or want to have more energy then we will work together to make your goals attainable and sustainable! 

I laugh and tell folks I am one of the only pharmacists in the country trying to get people OFF their medications!

And what started all this was two things: being a pharmacist for over 20 years and my own health journey. In the last couple of years as a pharmacist, I have grown super tired of giving pills out for every little thing. Please do not get me wrong. western medicine has its place and has extended our life expectancy by decades, but every ailment we suffer does NOT need a pill. The final straw was a woman who called me because she had had a test and had to drink barium and now didn’t feel well from the barium. She wanted to know what she could take to feel better. I said “nothing. Drink lots of water and get some rest”. She did not like that answer and insisted I give her something. That is when I thought, how did we get here, when we can not even let our bodies heal themselves at all? I knew there had to be alternatives. Secondly, I had always considered myself heathy. My wedding dress in 1993 was a size 20! People always ask me how I managed to lose 55 pounds and keep it off. The answer is simple: lifestyle modifications and eating well, NOT dieting. That is really the crux of holistic health. I want to teach people that your body is an amazing machine that given half a chance will heal itself. Sometimes it will need a little help and less often, it will need actual “pills”.

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There are many ways to get healthy and happy. If you are wanting to make a change then GREAT, I am here to help you. Bring someone along with you on this journey. Then they can bring someone and so on and so on and by the time we know it, this journey to health and wellness has rippled across the country, the world!

On personal note, I live in my little corner of the USA with my awesome husband of 24 years and our “little miracle” as I like to call our 14 year old son. We have, lets see, 3 dogs at last count and 4 chickens. I am thinking of mini-goats next. My boys are on board for alot of this journey, though perhaps not as enthusiastically as me. But,recently, my son went to the movies with a friend and when I asked him what he ate there he said he bought a box of air-heads. BUT then he said he took one bite, realized to was all sugar and tossed it in the trash. I’ll take it! That’s real progress.

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