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Hi Beautiful! I have something especially cool for you today. An E-Guide on holistic living. I wish I could tell you I wrote it but alas I did not. It is almost as well written as what I would’ve written though (insert laughing emoji). It is really a cool piece full of everything I want to say to you this week. I blog a lot about eating right. I give you recipes. And I try to include things like getting good sleep (new post from moi on this coming soon), and moving and breathing. 


Eat Well! Grow your own!

I tell coaching clients all the time, it doesn’t matter how much broccoli you eat if the rest of your life isn’t balanced. Not only is it crucial to eat right, it is equally important to SLEEP, GET MOVING, and BREATHE (and a couple of other things to be posted later- gotta keep you tuned in) Stress, yes stress, is one of the biggest underlying causes of disease today and we all have it. Lots of it.Our culture thrives on it, it is a chronic condition for us. Getting your stress under control with some mindful practices and exercise will bring you health and wellness and allow you to minimize illness in your life. These practices also bring peace and calm to your life.. Couple these practices with eating the best foods for your body (because we are all different) and you will be an unstoppable force! I want you to take 5 minutes for yourself and read this guide! I will expand on its principles in coming blogs. In it, it goes over eating well, mindful moving with a few simple yoga poses and the importance of meditation. Take this time for you to better yourself and in turn better those you love and surround yourself with. Peace and Wellness to You!

EGUIDE TO HOLISTIC LIVING Thanks Delicious Living.

Wait, hang on!! You gotta see this. I am in love with Zoodles as I told you – here is my latest concoction- sweet potato noodles with veggies and chopped walnuts. Vegan or vegetarian depending on the cheese or we could add some meat if you like that. Let me know if you want the recipe. Nom Nom Nom

sweet potato noodles

Make your own food for optimal health


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