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Hi Crazed Holiday Shopper! Are you sweating over your keyboard yet in virtual shopping overload? Or are you hitting the pavement, dashing in and out of small local shops? Continue Reading

Expo east living wallThe holidays are coming, the holidays are coming. Faster than you can pull out the ugly holiday sweaters, decorate your house and start the eating and drinking frenzy, sure enough it’s that time of year. Which, by the way, beautiful, I LOVE! But this time of year brings many ofus stress about all that food. How do you enjoy the holidays and still be mindful? *For those of you who read Ho Ho Ho God Part Deux, yes this is the same post – it got confused with the newsletter for many so I wanted to be sure everyone reads this!! Not only is there good info here, there are recipes, and links and great cheat sheets…So with out further ado
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Expo east living wallHo Ho Ho GOD the holidays can not be right around the corner. (If this sounds familiar it is a little, from the newsletter, but keep reading ). It’s just not possible. Well beautiful, they sure are and lest we forget it the holiday themed commercials are already blasting away at us. The stores are already jammed packed with Christmas decor. Little angels and snowmen, reindeer, bells, lights, trees ahhhhhh. Don’t get me wrong I love the holidays. I am a total sell out for Christmas, but can we do Thanksgiving first? Continue Reading

Hey Beautiful,

Up top , see there, there is a new tab called “Downloadables”. No that may not be a real word but the goodies it contains are very real. All the cheat sheets I have made thus far, available in one spot, for your convenience. Go on take a peak, I’ll wait. Cool huh?  Just wanted to share that with you. Now, as you were.



Shrimp Pesto pasta

Shrimp Veggie Pesto Over Black Bean Pasta – what a  delicious mouthful! Hi there purveyors of good health and healthy eating. I have a scrumptious recipe for you and its not vegetarian – egads! Though if I were to eat it, I would simply omit the shrimp and add lots of extra veggies of my choosing. Bam – vegetarian made easy. Even with shrimp, I still consider this dish healthy and whole (gluten free too). And the black bean pasta adds a whole new dimension to it. So cool.  And 14 year old approved. There is a double recipe here  : The Pesto and the Shrimp Dish. Continue Reading


Hey there awesome you! Let’s go from OMG to OM shall we? A ways ago I did a post called “Stress, Disease and Bears oh my”. If you are new to me please go back and check it out. It discusses the cortisol reaction of stress and what stress does to our bodies over time. I don’t want to rehash that here so go on, go read it, I’ll wait…….. Ok you’re back, great. Do you know when I ask my coaching clients to rate their daily stress on a scale from 1-10, 10 being totally stressed, what the majority say? Continue Reading

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Good Night, Sleep Tight

Hi Beautiful.  How did you sleep last night? I can’t believe I haven’t done a  detailed post yet on my all time favorite pastime – sleep! I know you know sleep is important but do you know exactly how important it is? And what happens when you don’t get enough of it? Or how to go about getting good sleep?  Continue Reading

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A Living Wall  

Hi Beautiful! I have something especially cool for you today. An E-Guide on holistic living. I wish I could tell you I wrote it but alas I did not. It is almost as well written as what I would’ve written though (insert laughing emoji). It is really a cool piece full of everything I want to say to you this week. I blog a lot about eating right. I give you recipes. And I try to include things like getting good sleep (new post from moi on this coming soon), and moving and breathing. 
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